Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation Celebration Trip: Day 10

This was Monday, April 6. The Stargate Convention was over, so we wanted to see a few more things around Vancouver and then get back into the United States... we had reservations at Bellingham for the night.

Leaving the hotel parking garage is this funny sign that says to keep right to exit, but the arrow points left. Well, which is it?

A view of downtown Vancouver, with those pretty blue-green glass buildings on the left and a sports dome on the right.

This is the Plaza of Nations, 750 Pacific Boulevard, where SG-1 episode "Bane" was filmed in part.
The Plaza of Nations is across the stree from the sports dome, BC Place:
We headed to the center of downtown, to the Vancouver Art Museum, 750 Hornby Street, which was used in SG-1 as the "Air Force Administration Building" in several episodes such as "Secrets".

Right there in Robson Square by the Art Gallery was supposed to be The Old Bailiff, 800 Robson Street, which was also filmed in the episode "Secrets". But we couldn't find it despite circling several times. I think it is supposed to be where the below plastic construction tent is currently living:
Nearby is St Anthony's Wesley Church, which I snapped a picture of because it is surrounded by modern skyscrapers, has GORGEOUS stained glass windows, and is just about the only church we drove past in all of Vancouver.
These pictures are of the Law Courts Building, 800 Hornby Street, of which the exterior was filmed as "Washington DC" in SG-1 episode "Foothold".

Then we pointed the car south and soon we were waiting 35 minutes at the border back into the U.S. The agent asked us why we had been in Canada, and when we told him that we returning from a Stargate SG-1 convention, he said "Oh, a lot of people have come through today from that."

We got to Bellingham without incident, checked in to the hotel and then went back out to see some local sights and get dinner. The tourguide book said that the Chuckanut Drive was very scenic, and indeed it was spectacular. You've got beautiful views of the Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Olympic Mountains. There are houses clinging to the steep cliffs on each side of the road. Here's one house with a great view...yes, that's the house's roof even with the roadway there.

These houses are on the steep hill on the upside of the road at least.
We stopped at a state park along the drive. Here's the boat ramp.
At the bottom of the boat ramp, look to the right (North): I loved how clear the water was. Stuck my toe was VERY cold.
Look straight out (West):
Look left (South): Love the green colors of the water.
Another peek of water between the trees on the Chuckanut Drive.
At the south end of the scenic drive, we headed north again, to Lynden. Passed beautiful Mt Baker again... it took us like 10 snaps to get this one with no telephone pole bisecting the view.
These are raspberry vines/whatever twisted into neat arches in the foreground. Most of America's red raspberries come from this small area of Washington state near Lynden.
We took the usual tourist snaps in Lynden:

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