Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Celebration: Day 9

This was Sunday, April 5. The writeup and photo album of the day.

Schedule for this last day of the convention:
Morning: "Behind the Scenes Tours" of Stargate Satellite Production Facilities (off the Bridge lot)... a visit to the craft shops where props, costumes, etc are creted. We didn't go on this ($299 extra ticket).

Noon: Stargate SG-1 episode screening
12-1 lunch with Michael Shanks..extra ticket fee.
12:50 Music video salute
12:55 - N. John Smith, Executive Producer of SG1 and Atlantis.
1:15-2:15 Special ticket event: 9 fans get to talk with Amanda Tapping privately.
1:30 Photo op with Michael Shanks (separate fee)
1:50 Music video
2:15 - Brad Wright & Rob Cooper: Executive Producers & Writers for SG1, Atlantis, and Universe.
3:05 Music video
3:10 - Michael Shanks
4:10 Stargate SG1 episode screening
4:20 Photo ops with Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, and You. Both Mike and I paid extra for this ($109 each, which gave us the digital copy of the shot and thus the copyright for it... I'll have to find that and post it)
5:20 - SciFi item auction
6:00 Music video
6:05 - Amanda Tapping

This is one of the museum pieces, lit up.
Since there wasn't anything to do in the morning, we took the car out for a tour of some sites where SG1 episodes had done some filming.

First, this is the skyline as you cross from Granville Island into downtown Vancouver. I loved how all the buildings used the same shade of blue-green glass. The picture here doesn't really do it justice. It was very pretty.
In downtown Vancouver, we found Hamburger Mary's Diner at 1202 Davie Street. This is where the SG-1 episode "Holiday" was filmed in part. I had wanted to eat a meal there, but it was packed, there was only meter parking and we didn't have any Canadian money at all. (Pretty neat to spend about a week w/o exchanging any cash.)

We drove to Bloedel Conservatory in the Queen Elizabeth Park on Cambie Street. Part of the grounds near the conversatory had this gorgeous fountain. When the jets calmed down, there was a wedding party on the other side doing photography, but you can't even see them through the fountain at full strength.

Inside the conservatory and a zillion tropical trees and birds. Here are a few.

This pretty blue and yellow parrot liked to say "Hello" frequently.

Koi in a stream/pond inside the dome.

A pretty waterfall.
The geodesic dome and the outdoor gardens were filmed as part of SG-1 episode "The Gamekeeper". The park sits on a high spot in town, so it has good views.

It is pretty clear from the flowers and trees that Spring is only just beginning here, while at home the peak of the Cherry trees was happening.

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