Monday, May 18, 2009

Graduation Celebration Trip: Day 11

This was Tuesday, April 7. We got up super early so we could haul ourselves from Bellingham over the the Ferry terminal at Anacortes. Here's the sun coming up over the mountains to the the west as we drove south.
The Ferry harbor at Anacortes.
We got there in plenty of time, and were first in line for the ferry to Orcas Island. The incredible red trees here are Pacific Madrona...they're so beautiful. I also love the three color bands of rock near the water level.

Once on Orcas Island, we drove up Mount Constitution in the Moran State Park. The views were incredible. But the observation tower is not a place for those that have agraphobia.

Mt Baker again, with no telephone poles at all this time :) I love the various blues of the foothills as they receed in the distance.

Back down at sea level again:

Again, houses clinging to the cliffs in order to have a view:

This is the marina at the Rosario resort. I love how quickly the water gets deep enough to change colors, and yet that it is still clear enough to see the rocks:

This is a park on the north side of Orcas Island, where once again I waded into the frigid water up to my ankles. I picked up a few very pretty rocks here, and watched a giant log float along the current just off shore.
Looking off at the mountains in the distance.
Waiting for the Ferry again at the Orcas Island terminal.
The Deception Pass bridge comes into view as we prepare to drive onto Whidbey Island.
Crossing the Deception Pass bridge:
The sun is getting low in the sky to the west.
I asked Mike if we were likely to see any P-3 Orion aircraft. He said absolutely not. But as we approach the north side of Oak Harbor, low and behold we see at least one P-3 that is practicing its takeoffs and landings (bouncing). We take an abrupt right turn in order to follow it to the beach.
At the beach we find we are just a few hundred feet from the north side of Ault field. Those are aircraft hangers and whatnot there beyond the huge amount of driftwood.
We wait a few minutes and there goes the P3 again.
The sun is truly setting so we go check into the hotel. I mention that to the desk clerk that I was surprised at how loud the airfield was. She smiles and says, "That's the sound of freedom." I love it.

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