Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation Celebration Trip: Day 8, Part B

After the set tours, here was the schedule for the day. You can see photos of the speakers at the album, and their writeup of the day is here.

2pm - Music video open
2:05 - Stargate Trivia Contest
2:35 - Music video salute
2:40 - Paul McGillion: Stargate Atlantis' Dr Carson Beckett
3:20 - Robert Picardo: Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis' Richard Woolsey (also Star Trek Voyager's The Doctor)
4:00 - Joe Flanigan: Stargate Atlantis' Lt Colonel John Sheppard
4:50 - Music video
4:55 - Classic episode screening
5:00 Photo ops with Joe Flanigan (separate fee)
5:45 Dinner break
5:50 Atlantis group photo op (separate fee)
6:20 Photo op with Paul McGillion (separate fee)
6:35 Cocktails with Joe Flanigan (sold at ebay auction)
6:50 Stargate & Sci-Fi item auction

Here's more of the vinyl banners they auctioned off for a couple hundred bucks each.

7:00 Robert Picardo photo op (separate fee)
7:35 - Music video
7:45 - Autographs with Paul McGillion, Joe Flanigan & Robert Picardo. We got these as part of our Gold Weekend ticket. Since I was in costume, Joe asked me what/who I was, and I answered, "I'm the lotar of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess" (a System Lord goa'uld character in SG-1). He replied, "Who?" ... When I got to Paul McGillion, I held out my hand for a handshake and said, "Hello, fellow Scottsman." He replied, "Hello, lovely lady!" So he wrote "To the lovely Lynellen, Love Paul McGillion, XXOO" as an autograph for me.
9:15 - Stargate Costume Competition. Mike and I participated in this. We didn't win, but it was fun. The kid who won first place was a disabled late-teen guy who was dressed as Sgt. Harriman, with a blue flight suit and the tray of his wheelchair had a carboard monitor with the stargate schematic on it like you see on the show. The second and third places are also pictured here. One of them is a toddler wearing only a miniature SGC is a copy of an episode of SG-1 where Daniel returns to human form after being Ascended and he's naked in General O'Neil's office so O'Neil rips the SGC flag off the pole and hands it to Daniel to wear. The other winner is a guy who handmade an entire suit of Ori armor and an Ori plasma weapon...lots of time went into that.

11:30 - Celebrity Dessert Party for Gold Weekend patrons. The hotel had a buffet line of rather nice desserts including an Ice Cream Sundae bar. This is also when the Table Centerpiece contest was.

These are peeps (those sugar marshmallow candies) that have been dressed up as various Stargate characters. These dolls were pretty darn cute.

During the dessert party, the three Atlantis guys came around to each table to sit and answer questions for about 90 seconds per table. Late to bed!

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