Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How hard is it to do a bit of research?

I was browsing the TV when I happened across the Sci-Fi channel original "movie" "Ba'al the storm god" and they mentioned the P-3 Orion aircraft. Being that this is a P-3 Orion crewmember home, I had the DVR record the movie at the next available showing. I'm watching the beginning of the movie. About 30% of the way into the movie, they (U.S. Federal Severe Storm Center) launch a P-3 "hurricane watcher" to go check out this big electrical storm. And this is where a few seconds of research would have been good.

I can go with "hurricane watcher" as a made up term as apposed to the real "hurricane hunter"s, but it's not like they would have violated trademark or anything by using the real term.
However, the CGI footage is NOT a P-3. And when you're not using real footage; when you're creating CGI;...do your damn research! Instead of a P-3, they show a C130. Let's take a look, shall we?

See that huge ugly duck nose out front? See all those windows in the cockpit? See the angled rear-end where the cargo ramp can fold down? That's a C130. There's no mistaking it. The only thing it has in common with a P-3 is that they both are four-engine prop planes. Here's a better side view.

THIS picture is a P-3 Hurricane Hunter that NOAA flies:
See how the nose is short and pointy, like an airplane not a duck? See the simple cockpit windows instead of multipanes like a spider? This is a P-3. The P-3 does not have a slanted rear with a cargo door that can lower in order to launch UAV drones, but a C130 does.

So, to whatever SLACKER that created the CGI of a C130 when the script called for a P3, wake up and do your research. This means you: James Halverson, lead CGI supervisor.
SciFi cancelled Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis so they could fund this crud? Hmmm....
Not all of us who watch the Idiot Box are actually idiots. Some of us do know the difference between a C130 and a P3. So don't paint us all with the same brush, saying, "Oh, well. No one will notice." That is all. Carry on.

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Michael said...

I say we take the CGI team in a P-3 and push them out the main cabin dor...at 30,00 ft. :)