Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book Review: "The Life Guide" by Robert Ashton

"The Life Guide" would make a great graduation gift for high school students or maybe even college graduates. It's very much along the lines of those gift books "Everything I need to know about life I learned from (fill in the blank)." This book is supposed to help you create a life plan that includes a great many areas of personal development (how to set priorities, how to make changes, then topics such as health and fitness, stress, work, leisure time, relationships, children, parents, money, home, and retirement). None of the lists of ten suggestions is all that earth-shattering, but may be news to those without a ton of life experience yet.

Here are some quotes that I enjoyed. "If you're content, then you are successful. The things you want to change are those you feel are not working for you at the moment." Next he says, "Question why you want the things and experiences you do...Adopting someone else's goals and succeeding in reaching them will not necessarily make you happy." Keeping up with the Jones' my not make you happy. Don't be a lemming. Finally, I like his advice to make a "list of the things you wanted to change about the world at 18...add to the list those things that concern you now, that did not bother you at 18." These are things that you should consider adding to your life plan.

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