Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tips on training shy dog?

Hi everyone. Anyone have any tips on obedience training a super shy dog? I've successfully trained dogs in the past. I've tried doing some training with Tera...but she's a different kind of gal...she is NOT motivated by treats. She wont eat them from my hand. If I drop them too close to me she wont come get them. If I throw them near her with too much velocity she gets scared and shies away. If we do manage to treat her for a behavior, she only allows really short training sessions...about 3 little nibbles of treat before she refuses to do the commanded action and refuses to be treated. So its been unrewarding for ME to try to train her, so I havent been very diligent at it. So... any suggestions?

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Gwynne said...

I wish I had some...I've never formally trained a dog, but have learned over the years and many dogs later that some certainly "train" more easily than others. I would encourage you to find a good trainer that can work one on one with her rather than a group setting. I volunteer for an animal shelter here and they have an outstanding dog training program. Of course, that doesn't help you but you might call the shelters in your area. It's a matter of finding the right person, a dog whisperer, if you will. Good luck!