Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Sunny Idea, that doesnt seem quite ready

My family has looked at solar power from time to time for as long as I can remember. 30 years or more my dad has watched the progress of solar technology. While it has certainly come a LONG way, it seems to me its still not ready for mainstream use. Here's why. This CNN article, "Solar Panels, clotheslines help family slash energy bills" says that the family installed solar panels on their roof to the tune of about $23,000 which should pay for itself in 10-15 years by their power grid savings. At the end it mentions that the system will last about 30 years. I've seen these same kinds of statistics with public schools that are desparate to spend less money...asking alumni to help pay for the system. Now when the technology improves so that it is cheap enough to pay for itself in 5-7 years I'll jump....if my elitest home owners association will even let the things be installed.

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