Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jennifer Government by Max Barry

Here's the review I just posted on Amazon for "Jennifer Government" by Max Barry.

With some of the same themes as classic cyberpunk (in particular, corporations taking over everything), you'd think this book would fit in naturally with that genre. But I don't think it does, mostly because the book is too satirical..too obvious. I like my cyberpunk more subtle, not where the author is saying "see how clever I am?" To me cyberpunk is also a little more dark (perhaps post-apocalyptic), and a little more future, not near-future. Cyberpunk often involves technology too, and this book does not use anything science fiction or high tech. So while the social commentary themes are similar, its just not really a good match. I mostly enjoyed Barry's "Syrup" but this book was too over-the-top for my tastes. I also did not care for the short scenes in this book...I think they were intended to help keep the action moving, but to me they were like forcing me to be ADHD.

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