Saturday, June 07, 2008

That's not's humidity

When taking Terabyte outside at 6:30 this morning, the thermometer said it was 76 degrees... ouch...gonna be a hot one! You also instantly notice the "fog", but at these temperatures, that's not's humidity.

Look left down the street.
Look right.
At least close-up things are still beautiful. This hydrangea does a fantastic job at surviving despite absolutely no care being paid to it.

I thought these puppy footprints were cute this morning:


Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

I loved the photos. Even the humidity was lovely, but of course I wasn't in it! Is the hydrangea in full sun? I need to plant one, and I love yours. And the puppy footprints were charming! Thanks for your comments on my site, Lynellen. Fun.

Lynellen said...

Hey Marmee,
the hydrangea is in full sun in the morning and early definitely wilts a lot. Then it is shaded by the shadow of the house. Its so hot in the summer that i'm shocked the poor plant has survived for ... 4 years?