Sunday, May 04, 2008

SG-1: Trial By Fire

Another book I've read recently is "Trial By Fire" in the SG-1 series. Here's what I posted on Amazon:

SG-1 rarely took experts through the stargate in the television series. But in this book, an British archeologist (Dr. Kelly) seems to be casually added to the SG-1 team. Dr. Kelly is written very well, being intentionally annoying and thus consistently annoying at every possible moment, in addition to uttering a few British-isms that probably aren't overly familiar to American readers. Taking place between seasons 7 and 8, the storyline makes abundant references (some slightly obscure) to previous events in the lives of the characters. Since Jack is captured and tortured (in detail) twice in this book, much of what we see in his thoughts are recollections of being tortured by Baal and how he copes with those thoughts by avoidance. The plot is sufficiently twisted, with the characters trusting different civilizations at various points. Most of the dialog feels close to the TV series in tone and wording, but I liked "Sacrifice Moon" (book 2 of this series) better for its dialog.

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