Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stargate SG-1 "City of the Gods" by Sonny Whitelaw

The review I'm posting on Amazon, of Stargate SG1 "City of the Gods" by Sonny Whitelaw.

This book takes us to a moon called Xalotcan, an Aztec society like the ancient roots of the civilizations on Tollan and Orban, using the crystal skulls that Daniel Jackson's father, Nick, discovered. The skulls are actually part of a transportation network in the smae vein as the stargate network. The moon is self-destructing, and SG1 is determined to relocate the local population, but first they have to convince the natives to trust them. To do this, SG1 actually impersonates Aztec gods, which is a method I don't recall them using on any other mission...they are usually very clear
about explaining that they are not gods, just humans like the locals. There is a lot of detailed description about the Aztec culture, which harkened me back to a vacation in Mexico where we toured many sacrificial temples. The story line is very cohesive, the dialog is practically perfect. So if you can get past the gore this is a fun read.

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