Saturday, May 24, 2008

Major yardwork for the year

This morning we did the annual yardwork: trim all the bushes way back, trim the trees, and cut down all the saplings that don't have permission to spontaneously generate. Front of the house looks GREAT now, and the hill in back looks like a hurricane came through.

We have a robin's nest under our deck, but I haven't seen the momma bird in a few days, so she may have given up on her eggs.
Then I picked up Tim Sleepy and we went to Lowe's. Tim needed a 22 foot collapsible ladder, a garden hose, and snake-be-gone (couldn't find any...does it exist?). I needed a shelving unit for the garage since we tore down the builtin stuff last winter so that Mike's car would fit in the garage instead of mine. Now the garage is messy with everything just sitting on the ground. Tim and I looked at shower shelf ceramics, but they all have a 5/16 inch edge to them that you're supposed to cut into your wall so that there is more support, and that just isn't likely to happen so I will instead order the wire shelves that screw into the tile. I also got ant bait since the ants have quadrupled this week after the pest guy was here. I also got 25 antiqued brass knobs to install on our kitchen cabinets and drawers... I've been wanting something for a few years. Mike said, "Gee, I never noticed that there was no hardware on these cabinet doors". True, true.

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