Saturday, May 24, 2008

If eyes are the windows to the soul...

Not your everyday road sign.
Sometimes Sleepy Baby looks like this, and sometimes he looks like THIS:
or this: (here he is reading journal articles. smart baby!)
Here are some people we'd love to meet:
This is a picture of the moon (the orange thing), the dust on my window (the white spheres), and the road signs at the intersection:
I probably made it too small here, but anyone know what that black car there with the wing doors is?
You can't quite see it through the windshield glare, but the copilot has a huge mapbook open and is trying to figure out where they are going in such a hurry:
This is Memorial Day weekend. Here's a snap of the traffic at 12:45pm. It was WORSE in both directions when I crossed this bridge again at 2:45pm.

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