Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Frederick Douglass's Principles of Success

- Understanding that the proper use of power is to help others.
- Giving up something you want in order to help someone else.
- Learning how to challenge and overcome doubt.
- Understanding why and how to control the human ego.
- Doing what is right and proper without delay, even if no one is looking.
- Learning how to use knowledge and understanding wisely.
- Overcoming indecisiveness by developing proper organizational skills.
- Making gratitude a part of every thought and action.
- Practicing the skill of listening before making judgments.
- Remaining true to your word.
- Practicing the art of giving without expecting something in return.
- Recognizing that success is as much a motivation to others as to you.

This list is from Fred Morsell's website. Fred Morsell is an actor/educator who portrays Douglass (19th-century escaped slave, abolitionist, journalist, public servant, champion of racial and gender equality and American hero). While not explicitly articulated by Douglass, Morsell believes this list accurately represents Douglass's principles. www.frederickdouglass.org/principles.html

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