Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Movie Review: "Scoop"

Here's the review of Scoop that I just posted on Amazon. I liked Woody Allen's voice in Antz but found him very annoying to watch AND listen to. Scarlett Johansen plays a sleezy student who can't stay out of bed. Overall the movie certainly wasn't edifying, I didn't learn any neat trivia or anything, but Hugh Jackman is always nice to look at and listen to so it was fine for a rainy two hours.

Fun romantic comedy/mystery. Hugh plays the son of a British Lord who may be a serial killer ("The Tarot Card Killer") a la Jack the Ripper. Scarlett plays an American journalism student (who sleeps with anyone she's writing a story about) who receives some tips about the potential scandal from the ghost of a dead newspaper reporter who is crossing the River Styx with the suddenly dead secretary of the British Lord. She enlists the help of a stage magician to play her "father" while she investigates Hugh by having a relationship with him. As you might expect, Hugh is not the Tarot card killer but he does have a secret. The movie is not appropriate for young children due to the sexual situations. For adults I would say it is rentable, but I wouldn't purchase the movie.

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