Monday, February 11, 2008

America's Next Top Dog Model - Week Four

This week on America's Next Top Dog Model, Terabyte must pose to illustrate a Dr. Seuss-style book, and must also share the spotlight with other models, yet still stand out in a crowd.

First up, posing for the Dr. Seuss-style book.

"I will not eat the entire box of greenies. I will not eat the entire box in an armchair."

"I will not eat the entire box of greenies on a plush microfiber sofa."

"I will not eat the entire box of greenies under a table."

"I will not eat the entire box of greenies in an oversized printer box."

"I will not eat the entire box of greenies under a computer desk."

"I will not eat the entire greenie box on a blanket beside a pillow."

"But maybe Duke will!"

Good job, Terabyte! The book didn't rhyme, but you captured a number of body poses including some tricky over-the-shoulder shots without making your neck look short.

Next up, Terabyte has to work with other models and still stand out.
Tera does a good job not getting cylon glowing eyes, but the cloudiness makes her look blind instead. Plus with her face tilted away from the other model, she seems to give the impression that she doesn't like the model.

Tera fails to capture the attention of the male model, who is too absorbed watching TV and reading at the same time to notice the uber-cute female next to him.

Tera faces off with the previous generation of Top Dog Models and calls her a B*tch. Teeth were bared, but we can't show that on the Internet.
Tera argues that she's equally cute as the baby and hopes we'll get confused about who sleeps in the hand-made cradle and who sleeps on the floor.

Tera sniffs the competition, but refrains from licking formula off his face.

Tera stands guard like a good sheepdog, while the baby-burrito sleeps.

Overall, Tera scored points for her book illustration poses, but had a tough time competing with five-week old babies and mostly failed to be the center of attention when sharing the camera with other models. There's always room for improvement!

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