Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Memory Lane

"I want to see MOUNTAINS, Gandalf. Mountains!" I really miss mountains right now. So I went in search of the website for the camp near Westcliffe, Colorado, where I attended camp several summers. Horn Creek is the campground, and we stayed in the "Mountain Meadows" part of that complex. It's at about 9000 feet elevation, on the side of Horn Peak. Rural, beautiful. I see that they've converted the Mountain Meadows cabins into family duplexes now. When I was there, there was the adult counselor's room with a double bed, and the camper's room with 4 bunk beds (plus cots sometimes!). The Rocky Mountains are incredibly beautiful and I miss them. I don't miss having snow in late April though :)

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beth said...

I miss them too...and I even miss the snow. :) Very different cabin layouts - only workable for familys now, hard to take any kind of group with that setup. Which I guess is why Pioneer Girls went somewhere else.