Friday, April 28, 2006


The road construction (or is that DEstruction?) crew near my house has been using explosives several times today. Rattles the whole house pretty good. Gets the dog barking up a storm.

In other news,... The SciFi Channel is thinking about making a Battlestar Galactica spinoff show called "Caprica". It will be during the early invention days of the cylons, before the war. I wonder if Beth will still be rooting for the cylons or if she'll give the Adama family a break. (Hmm... out of the corner of my eye, that looks like the "Adams Family" ... hope its not THAT bad!)

In another case of SciFi channel nepotism, "Inara" from Firefly is the new bad-guy in Stargate SG-1. "Actress Morena Baccarin has been cast as the adult version of Adria, Vala's daughter who was sired by the evil Ori to lead their bloody crusade in our galaxy". Hmm.

Other Stargate SG-1 news is that the show can NOT go on forever. SciFi says that they've had to renegotiate salaries with the actors every year recently and that soon the actors will be too expensive for the show to continue. Now, please pay attention, SciFi, cuz I have solutions for you.

1) Go get sponsors to underwrite the show. For example, its has been really obvious that DELL laptops are used constantly .... so go get Dell to give you a bunch of money. Other product placements that I've noticed ... Second Chance body armor. Maybe Sony could pitch in if you zoom in on the maker of those huge flat panel TVs you use as monitors all over the control room and the briefing room. I know that the sunglasses the cast has worn on off-world missions have been "donated" by particular companies ... maybe give them a mention.

2) You could be doing a LOT more to merchandise the show. I'm sorry, but the t-shirts you offer are LAME. I have a lot of great ideas for you ... give me a call. In addition, you should be making toy zatguns for us to buy; you should be selling us the toy p-90s instead of us having to find them on ebay. You should be selling us the knock-off BDUs and a LOT more patches ... for example, where the heck is the "Earth" symbol patch??? Another product i REALLY want is a toy Goa'uld Ribbon Device.

Next, Gateworld says "The studio considered renaming the series "Stargate Command" when it was relaunched with new cast members in Season Nine -- ironically, something Wright believes could have helped the show stay on the air longer. "Sadly, it could have gone on longer had we rebranded it," Wright told GateWorld." You REALLY REALLY should have done this. It is NOT the same show without Richard Dean Anderson. And the Ori are a completely different kind of enemy ... the entire dynamic of the show has changed in TOOO many ways.

And FINALLY. I really wanted to win this: "Lunch on set of Stargate with Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping and take home a paddle signed by the cast and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.". Okay, dont give a flip about the Kennedy signature. And I really would have hated giving his organization any money. Clean water is good, but there are several other environmental organizations I would prefer my money go to. But I really really really wanted a chance to spend personal time with Jack and Samantha. I can't imagine that you get more than about 30 minutes with them ... in the same food service tent that the rest of the 100 person crew is trying to eat at ... and they're probably tired or thinking about the rest of the shoot ... but, still.

I've thought about it alot, and am opening the floor to comments:
1) If you "won" lunch with a TV personality, who would you pick?
2) Would you want them to be themselves or would you want them to be in character?
3) Would you be brave enough to bring a print out of pages you want them to read in character? (or an outline of what you want them to talk about with you?)

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