Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Misc. Microsoft Moments

So I'm creating a postcard to print on my color laser printer. I tell my printer to print in duplex mode (front and back) and hit print. MS Publisher comes up with this dialog box:
"You are printing your publication to a printer with duplex printing turned on. This will result in front-and-back printing on the same sheet of paper. If you want to continue printing to this printer, click OK."

Um.... DUH?

But now I'm worried (only semi-truly, b/c I've never gotten this warning before...). Will the MS Publisher software that tells the printer to print double sided be appended to the printer setting and thus cause a double page flip and both sides get printed on the same side of the paper?

Let us find out .... (please wait).

First, the card stock causes a "paper jam in the duplex path" ... except it hasnt been able to load the sheet at all, so there's not really a jam .. its a feed error.

Try again. This time it says "Jam in tray 2" where the cardstock is. So pull it all out and put it in tray 1. Try again.

This time it works as it should. Whew!

But wait! That was just for one copy. When I set up a new print job for the other 49 copies I want, I get a jam in the duplex path. Grrr...

I'll just print one side at a time.

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