Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wizards at War (The Young Wizards, Book 8) by Diane Duane

This is the eighth book in the "Young Wizards" series by Diane Duane. While it does stand on its own pretty easily, you'll definitely have a deeper understanding of the characters if you've read at least one previous book in the series.

The page count in each book has been growing steadily, and this book is longer than any previous book in the series by almost 100 pages. Despite the length, the pace keeps moving well. The overall story line is the same as the previous books: a battle between good and evil and the choice between freedom and slavery.

Ms. Duane's writing paints clear pictures of scenery, and the characters are lively with shared history and interpersonal relationships. I think this is the first Young Wizards book that made me cry, as an important character dies.

In summary, if you're new to the Series, you can read this volume or start at the beginning ... you won't be toooo lost if you start here, but you won't be getting the full experience either. If you've read some of the other books, definitely add this one to your collection.

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