Friday, January 06, 2006

Short Attention Span

Trumpet player Lowell Jay Hershey has been with the Majestic Theater's run of "Phantom of the Opera" since it opened January 26, 1988.

I can NOT imagine anything more boring than playing the same music every day for 17 years. Eight performances per week. No, that is the definition of insanity for me.

The article also says that Phantom has grossed (in New York) $600 million. And says thats a lot of money. Hmm...for the 7,486 shows, thats merely $80,149.61 per show, gross. The show's production costs $12million (a year, I assume); $600 million over 18 years is 33.3million gross per year, minus the 12 million production per year = $21 million net profit per year. Ok, thats some good money if it goes to just a few people...but if that profit is split out among lots of investors, it probably dwindles pretty quickly.

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