Sunday, September 04, 2011

Backyard Bug of the Day: Automeris io - Io Moth - Hodges#7746

Just outside the basement door this morning, I found this guy. At least 1.5 inches long, maybe 2 inches. Bright green, with clusters of spines which remind me of pine tree needle clusters. Here's how his back looks.

Here's how his side looks. There is a red and white stripe down the middle of his side. says this fella is a caterpillar of an Automeris io - Io Moth - Hodges#7746

This kind of moth is a
Saturniidae and is also called a peacock moth (it has 'eyes' on its bottom wings that look VERY much like the eyes on peacock tail feathers). The dogs were very interested in smelling it. Apparently the spines can cause a stinging sensation, especially the really big ones like this fellow. I generally think Satuniidae are beautiful, but the adult form of this one isn't very interesting to me.

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