Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book review "Where will you go from here?" by Valorie Burton

"Where will you go from here?" by Valorie Burton has some amazing life-coach tips inside. Her advice also references some generic Christianesque thoughts and a few Bible verses. Each chapter features a true story about someone who overcame a huge obstacle of some sort. All the ingredients are there to make a great book; but it just doesn't seem to come together. The core of her message are five life-coaching phrases:
1) I will not feel sorry for myself
2) I will not stare at the closed door
3) I will dig deep to unearth all the courage I need
4) I will direct my thoughts - my thoughts will not direct me
5) I will choose to believe all things work together for good.

After that, Valorie takes the reader through a thought journey:
1) figure out where you are in life and what exactly the damage is
2) look at your history to figure out how you got here
3) give a name to exactly what you're afraid of
4) look around for resources that will help you recover
5) figure out where to go now (same path? new path? redefine yourself?)
6) plot a course to the new destination
7) take charge of your thoughts
8) figure out how you're growing and share your experience with others

Overall, good life-coaching in a soft-Christian setting.

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