Wednesday, June 03, 2009

National Aquarium at Baltimore Inner Harbor

Beth posted when we went to the Baltimore aquarium. She still hasn't posted any pictures from that trip. Here are mine.

These are Tetra...we had several tanks full of these when I was young.
In the lower left corner is the fish that "Dory" was in "Finding Nemo"

AMAZING purple on these. And in the upper right corner is a black fish with glowing blue dots, but you can't see him well in this photo.
These beauties dig themselves into the sand when they are frightened.... See the green snout in the lower left corner?
Anem-monem-anemones. Don't hurt yourself, kid.

Large stingray on left, small stingray on right.
Giant turtle on top (who is missing his entire left front limb), large stingray on bottom.
Me, the packmule, beside these neat bubble towers that remind me of Ancient technology from Atlantis.
The new dolphin show arena. It was a cute little show.
Beth has all the dolphin show photos and movies, cuz her camera can do 10x digital zoom while mine only does 3x optical so you cant really see anything.

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