Friday, May 01, 2009

Review: Deadlock by Robert Liparulo

This book is a sequel, so it frequently mentions events from the previous book; however, most of the time these references are not confusing and the overall story can stand alone. The technology employed in the storyline was very interesting and near-future realistic. Most of the time the pace is pretty good, but some of the complicated firefights are described in such detail that 15 pages is 3 minutes of elapsed time.

I can see a trained expert (like character Jason Bourne) being the hero, but I just cannot see a middle-aged newpaper journalist having the skills displayed as action hero here. Likewise, the young children in traumatic events hold together emotionally much better than I would expect realistically. While this book is allegedly Christian fiction, it is not obviously religious. I'm not even sure which characters are supposed to be Christians. There is no sex, and no language. Just gory violence.

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