Saturday, May 02, 2009

Graduation Celebration Trip: Day 7

This was the second day of the Stargate convention, Friday April 3. See GateWorld's summary and photos.

The schedule for today was:

11:15am Music Video Open
11:20 David Nykl: Stargate Atlantis' Dr. Radek Zalenka
12:00-12:50 Dan Shea: Sgt. Siler, Stunt coordinator for Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
2:05 Music Video Salute
2:10 Connor Trinneer: Stargate Atlantis' Michael Kenmore; Star Trek Enterprise's Commander Charles Tucker
3:00 Classic Stargate SG-1 episode screening
3:50 Music Video Salute
3:55 Teryl Rothery: Stargate SG-1's Dr. Janet Fraiser and also Heimdall's voice
4:50 Music Video
5:00 Dinner break
5:50 Autographs from Teryl Rothery and Connor Trinneer. We got these as part of our convention ticket package.
9:15 Creation-Stargate Celebrity Cabaret starring Robert Picardo, Connor Trinneer and Dan Shea. Mike went to this and said it was ok. I was too tired and went to sleep.

These photos are from the Museum of props and costumes that the studio brought over.

These are the Ancient communication devices (one in good shape, the other has been partially melted by weapons fire).
Close-up of the "Furling" animated puppet:

Full-length "Furling" puppet:
SGC wall art, with memorial photo of General Hammond (Don S. Davis):

Heavily carved chair used as a throne in some Atlantis episode:

A ZPM and a Ancient weapons drone:

"Framistat" engine equipment from SG-1 episode "Space Race":
Several of Teyla's costumes:
Serpent Guard headdress:
Mike in his SG-1 costume, pretending he is a museum display too:

Ra's headdress:

One of Baal's outfits:

A working torch pillar:

Mike worried about entering the Museum's containment zone:

Ancient's Command Control Console:

This section of wall is from a Wraith ship, and two of them were brought into the main auditorium on each side of the stage:

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