Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our furnace ate itself

Waking up to a COLD house for the second time in a week, we were unable to get the furnace to start up again. So I called the furnace people; they came right over; and in about 30 seconds informed me the furnace had literally eaten itself. Yes, it could be fixed but they recommended replacement. We knew this was coming...but the current furnace held out 6 more years since the last time they told me it should be replaced. So we replaced the furnace and the A/C unit.
This is creosote from the furnace burning itself.

Here are parts of the old furnace being taken out.
Now we have a nice high efficiency furnace, with a humidifier/dehumidifier built in, a variable speed fan, and really neato programmable thermostat, a HUGE cylon shaped A/C unit that is about twice as big as the old unit. We were pretty sure that our old unit was way underpowered. Hopefully this summer will be nice and cool in the upstairs bedrooms without the need for a box fan. Fun, fun!


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

We're due for an air conditioner/heater replacement ourselves, soon.

Not a pleasant surprise, but we know it will be better when we do it!

Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

I really think you should have posted a PG-14 rating on this entry. The sight of The Furnace that Ate Itself was very chilling. I'm still trying to recover from the horrors of it. I guess the shock was worth it, in order to learn that you and yours will be warm now for the last weeks of winter.