Monday, January 05, 2009

This was my day, how was yours?

This morning was a bit crazy...had orders to package up for the mail, and process some invoice payments that arrived, then rush to get ready for work and run out the door. Plus I had to answer the helpline all morning, but it didn't ring even the past the helpline has rung only once but that one call was while I was in the shower, of course!

Long debrief at work since it was the first day since vacation, then process the donations, finish the newsletter and email it to the printer. Downloaded 214 email messages, at least 3/4 of which were junkmail. But I did discover that 6 people had made donations via the website in the last week, which was great. Answered emails. Took the mail to the post office and the deposits to the bank. The post office was jammed, with the line for the counter reaching to the door. Luckily everything I needed to do could be done on the APC, so instead of waiting for 30 people I only waited for 2. We checked the "expiration" dates on all the donated car seats we had in stock, and 4 of the 9 had "expired" so we'll pass those along to the Salvation Army. One of the "expired" car seats had never been used, which sucks that we had to give it away.

Got some sweet tea at Wendy's, which was better than I expected. Ride home was only 40 minutes to travel 25 miles, which is great for the time of day. The dogs crossed their legs and held it in until I got home, which makes me happy. I popped a Bertolli Oven Bake Meal (Chicken Parmigiana) into a skillet (instead of the 45 minutes in the oven) and added a little leftover steak b/c the chicken chunks were very small. I didn't like the sauce on this I won't buy that one again. Ick.

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