Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bella Swan on Entertainment Tonight Cover

Want the makeup look that Twilight Bella Swan is wearing on the cover of Entertainment Tonight?

1. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone.
2. For the eyes, apply Silky Caramel all over your eyelid, from brow to lashes. Then add Hazelnut on your lid from the lash to the crease in your lid. Finally, apply Raisin along the lashline both top and bottom. Apply Deep Brown eyeliner and pull a very small line out from the outside corner of your eye. Blend the eye colors and eyeliner. Finish by applying Ultimate Mascara in Black.
3. For your cheeks, apply Sunny Spice across your cheekbone, staying two finger widths away from your nose. Blend.
4. For lips, line your lips and fill them completely with Plum liner, then apply Amber Suede lipstick and finish with Berry Sparkle lip gloss.

Voila, a soft beautiful eye with a rich red lip. Enjoy!

Go here for Bella's natural looking school day makeup look.

Go here for Luna Twilight compact looks for Bella, Alice, Rosalie and Victoria!

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