Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sheltie flags

I got a direct mail piece the other day that was /almost/ tempting. It's a collection of 12 banner flags (you know, to hang on a pole outside your house) of for each month. The July flag has an adorable sheltie wearing a red, white and blue top hat and bowtie, holding a flag on a stick in his mouth, with fireworks in the background. The November flag has a sheltie in a Pilgrim outfit (black shirt with white cuffs and a black hat), surrounded by gourds and pumpkins and fall leaves. The December flag has a sheltie in a Santa suit, with a candy striped bone in its mouth, in front of a lighted Christmas tree. The March flag has a sheltie in a green leprachaun (sp??) jacket and hat, in a field of 4-leaf clovers under a rainbow with a pot of gold.

Some of the images look a little photoshoppy, but they're all kinda cute.

The price is NOT cute: $25 a pop! (plus $4 shipping each). Um,...thanks but no thanks!

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