Friday, October 17, 2008

Not looking forward to this

This is the crew photo for the new Star Trek movie coming out May 2009. I *really* like Karl Urban. And I'm slightly tempted to see this just to see him as McCoy (blue shirt, above).

Hmm...just noticed that Quinto as Spock is missing. Here we go. ALL I CAN SEE in this photo is evil Syler from "Heros". I detest Syler. I detest "Heros". This one shot alone almost makes me promise I will NEVER watch this movie. Ever. Poor Karl Urban.

This movie is what happens when you say that Star Trek needs to be revamped for a new, younger audience.

And this is exactly the **&$#(*@# that we will see on the "younger" Stargate Universe show that starts next spring.

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