Monday, October 20, 2008

The Class I kinda belong to

My 20th high school anniversary arrives next year. (gah!)

Since we moved across the country 4 days before I started high school, here are the people that I used to go to school with (in elementary and junior high) that I would have been high school alumni with. These are just the names I'm sure I recognize. There are others on the alumni list that sound familiar, but I'm not sure I knew them. Some of these were friends, some acquaintances, and some were definitely not friendly.

Sheldon Keith Apgar
Monica Carmela Archuleta
Karlton Jon Bardwell
Kevin Richard Bond
Heather Ann Breshears
Lance Hamilton Butler
Alison Roth Cartwright
Heidi Davis
Jessica Glass
Terrell Keith Gray
Kimberly Ann Green
Samantha Hack
Laura LeeAnn Holley
Heather Ann Humphrey
Nicole Diane Kelso
Laura May Kraemer
Nicholas Alexander Lebeda
Jason Everett Leeches
Erika Ann Martin
Wendy Kathleen Martin
Jennifer Kay McDonald
Jason Adam Morhart
Jocelyn Rinda Neal
Natalya Gail Nelson
Dustin L Pederson
Karen Leigh Powers
Jennifer Lynn Rea
Warren Jay Scoggins
Christopher Sean Shannon
Charity Ann Smith
Susan Spitzmiller
Nancy Ruth Stallings
Heather Dawn Stephens
Suzanne Straight
Aaron Luke Swanson
Shirlee Wei-Ling Tan
(Kiki) Cecelia Francine Tarkington
April Ann Thornton
Rebecca Ruth Troxel
Dawn Colette Trujillo
Chad Joseph Howard Zimmerly

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