Monday, September 29, 2008

What's new, gnu?

Fall is just beginning to show its face around here. The creeper in the tree has turned:

But only one tree is showing signs of seasonal foliage so far:
We had two Katydid's visit us last night on our back porch. They look kinda like a grasshopper, but their wings looks exactly like a leaf.We got a fence around our back yard recently:
So that the girls would be able to play outside. Petabyte is too long to fit into the mat-bed that Tera loves:
But Tera curls in there just perfectly:Here they are being nice and both chewing on pigskin curls:
Here are the girls playing. Mike points out in the audio that Tera uses her big fluffy butt as a shield. :)


Anonymous said...

We've been invaded by swarms of katydids around here. I had no idea what they were called until we found one in the house (toddler keeps leaving the doors open!) and john told Ash what it was. haha. The girls are too cute!

Lynellen said...

Katydids are weird little creatures, arent they?

The girls are very cute when they get along. And frightening when they fight.