Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holiday Makeup Must Haves

The Marie Claire article linked in the title says:

1- Go for gold colored "Metallic eyeshadows and a subtle sheen on lips and cheeks". I had been very skeptical when Mary Kay's limited edition holiday "All Things Glamorous" set was gold shimmer powder and sparkle lipstick and lipgloss. But once again MK is exactly on-trend.

3- Eye colors like blue, purple and pink.

4- Peachy lips, like you can get with the "Champagne" sparkly lipstick in the "All Things Glamorous" color collection set. Or try regular line lipstick in "Tanned", "Apricot Glaze", or "Sweet Nectar". In lip gloss, try "Gold Rush" or "Melon Sorbet".

7- Black eyeliner in a pencil or as a liquid.

8- Accent the black eyeliner with metallic earth tones like "Moonstone", "Vintage Gold", and "Amber Blaze".

9- "Snowy day, starry night" eye shadow by using "Crystalline" and "Coal".

Try some of these looks out by uploading your photo to the Virtual Makeover!


Anonymous said...

I've heard MK has a line of mineral makeup- what is your opinion of it?

Lynellen said...

Hey Sarah, Mary Kay actually reformulated most of their color makeup into mineral formulas. So eye colors are now mineral, as are cheek colors. They replaced the loose powder foundation with a mineral powder foundation, and added sheer mineral pressed powder, mineral bronzing powder, and mineral highlighting powder.

I use the mineral powder foundation every day over my tinted moisturizer with spf, and get better coverage than i did with liquid foundation. I like the color (helps hide my red cheeks) too. I am using up the last of my eye colors, so I havent tried the mineral eye colors yet but my clients say they are very smooth to apply and long lasting. If you want to try some of the mineral products, we can get together or I can mail you some samples.