Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Review: "Callander Square" by Anne Perry

After reading "Cater Street Hangman", I had expectations that this book would be a creepy thriller set in Victorian London. Instead, this book is Victorian soap opera. When the skeletons of two babies are found in the garden, Charlotte, Emily and Thomas investigate the matter in their own ways. Which master of the house is sleeping with his parlor maids? Who had a secret abortion and died from it? Where did Helena disappear to? Who is blackmailing who? Is Christina pregnant by the footman or not? This book has very little suspense, and a surprise ending. But mostly it is soap opera drama. I never was drawn into really caring about the main mystery. I'm sure if you go in understanding that this book is entirely different from "Cater Street Hangman" that it will be quite enjoyable.

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