Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nicolas Cage - 25 movie roles

Entertainment Weekly has a rundown of 25 "Memorable" movies that Nicolas Cage has been in:

25: Bangkok Dangerous - haven't heard of it.
24: Valley Girl - haven't heard of it.
23: Peggy Sue Got Married - heard of it, haven't seen it.
22: Raising Arizona - heard of it, don't think I've seen it.
21: Moonstruck - I might have seen it.
20: Wild at Heart - haven't heard of it.
19: Red Rock West - haven't heard of it.
18: Honeymoon in Vegas - haven't heard of it.
17: Guarding Tess - I own it on DVD.
16: It Could Happen to You - haven't heard of it.
15: Leaving Las Vegas - heard of it, haven't seen it (sequel to Honeymoon in Vegas?? :)
14: The Rock - I own it on DVD.
13: Con Air - Seen it. It's on the wish list.
12: Face/Off - I own it on DVD.
11: City of Angels - I own it on DVD.
10: 8MM - seen it, won't ever buy it or see it again.
9: Bringing Out the Dead - seen it in fast forward...boring and nonsensical. won't ever buy it or see it again.
8: Gone in 60 Seconds - seen it, really like it, it's on the wish list.
7: Adaptation - haven't heard of it.
6: Matchstick Men - seen it, won't ever buy it or see it again.
5: National Treasure & 2 - love them both, own them both on DVD
4: Lord of War - haven't seen it.
3: World Trade Center - don't think I've heard of it.
2: The Wicker Man - seen about 30 seconds of it. probably wouldn't bother seeing the rest.
1: Ghost Rider - haven't seen it, not likely to.


beth said...

23: Peggy Sue Got Married - yes you have -- mom made us watch it with her.
22: Raising Arizona - again...yes you have. It's the one where he steals a baby and then knocks over 7-11s for diapers.
21: Moonstruck - You have, it's the one with Cher.
16: It Could Happen to You - Yeah you have, that's the one with the waitress and the lottery ticket.
he rest.
1: Ghost Rider - This one is actually pretty good. I think you'd like it.

jennifer said...

You brilliant woman! That was DEFINITELY a Blue Button!! Thank you!

Raising Arizona is a hoot! It has to be watched about three times to be fully appreciated and you have to have a taste for STUPID! But a FUN movie.

And Moonstruck is my favorite movie (says so in my profile!), more so because of Cher and Olivia Dukakis' characters. I love STRONG women in the movies.

Great to meet you and thank you again for the REALLY GOOD information.