Sunday, September 14, 2008

Movie Review: "The Hitcher" (2007 version)

I haven't seen the original version of this film, so I can't make comparisons. I didn't find this movie very suspenseful, I never was able to place myself in the danger, I never felt creeped fact it was almost comical at times, like a spoof. Lots and lots and lots of gore and blood, but not very scary. Sean Bean does a good job at every evil character I've seen him in, including this one. But the gore doesn't seem to have a purpose, and in fact when Sean's character is asked why he kills, he answers "Why not?" 'Why not' is the theme of the movie: why not have some more blood? why not have some extra gore? why not have a shorter skirt? There isn't really a plot or a mystery, just lots of killing. And most of it isn't even creative, just guns and knives. One thing I absolutely loved was the incredible scenery...sooooo many beautiful locations were filmed, with the rocks, the sky, the mountains, the plains...all of it just beautiful like a tourism brochure. The scenery and the photography are why I gave this movie 2 stars...the content sure isn't anything worthy of a star.

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