Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting Queries

Here are a few funny(?) search queries that have lead to the blog I write for the parents of pregnant teens and college students.

Q: Atlanta,GA, asked "how do teenagers get pregnant most often?"
A: As far as I know, there aren't that many teens who get pregnant via assisted reproductive technologies, so the answer is: most often, s*e*x.

Q: Sacramento,CA, asked "average age of birth in america"?
A: A full-term pregnancy is about 40 weeks, give or take. I don't know of any humans who can delay birth by up to 2 years like a scared oppossum can. Even so, when you're born in America you're age 0. So the average age of birth would be 0. If born in China, I think you are born at age 1, which has always seemed strange to me. I could see it if you turned 1 at 3 months after birth....

Q: Prescott, AZ, asked "how pregnant unmarried daughter make more money?"
A: Get a better job?

Kalamazoo, MI, searched for "grandparent teen pregnancy". Do you think they are a teen and already a grandparent? or...?

Miami, FL, searched for "baby's father deceased pregnancy". I'm not sure how to parse this...?

Finally, in our perfect-body obsessed culture, I'm sad to report that someone in Canada searched for "healthy body fat for infants".


Gwynne said...

That was me, the one from Kalamazoo. I thought if I used a different location, you'd never know. ;-)

This reminds me of an comment that erupted from our daughter while Julian was still in the hospital...I'm sure she meant to say this to herself, not outloud, but she was trying to change his clothes for the first time and he started crying, and she said, "OH, why did I get pregnant?!" The nurse simply said, "S*E*X, Sweetheart."

Janie said...

That's funny. So is Gwynne!