Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hollywood insider tips

CNN recently featured an article from called "24 beauty secrets from Hollywood insiders".

#2: ""Smudge a bit of deep navy eyeliner on the inner rims of the upper lids when you're done with the rest of your eye makeup. Gently lifting lashes with your fingers or glancing down into a handheld mirror will help you see where the eyeliner is going. The blue color makes the whites of your eyes stand out." -- Makeup artist Carmindy"

#6: "Line your lips with a neutral liner. Then fill in both lips -- except for the centers -- so that you can have the look of major shine when you apply a clear lip gloss." -- Makeup artist Mally Roncal

#8: "Concealer should always follow foundation. If you put it on first and then you blend on the foundation, you're essentially erasing all your handiwork. If you layer concealer on top, it's staying where it needs to stay and doing its job." -- Carmindy

#10: "Utilize two kinds of mascaras -- coat the top lashes with a volumizing one to create thickness and the bottom ones with a waterproof formula to put raccoon eyes to rest." -- Jillian Dempsey

#15: "Those with hard-to-reach blond lash roots can use a very fine-tip black liquid liner to accomplish what a bulkier mascara wand cannot by painting color directly onto individual lashes. The smaller the tip and the handle, the better." -- Carmindy

#16: "To make liquid liner less intimidating to use, create a liner 'stencil' by going over the lash line with taupe pencil first. Then apply liquid liner over that." -- Jillian Dempsey

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