Sunday, August 10, 2008

Will it ever end?

We watched "Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End" on DVR today. Wow, can I have my 2 hours, 50 minutes, and 58 seconds back please?

I was bored 27 minutes into it. At 1 hr 27 minutes I was ready to just quit. We stuck it out anyway.

The bestest part was Kiera Knightly's costumes... I loved the Chinese clothes she had. And where, exactly, did they come from? And why was her hair so blond? And could they have put any more self tanner and bronzer on her? And does she get to see Will Turner every day since she took herself to Davy Jones' Locker?

Where was the wrap up of the love story of Calypso & Davy Jones? (Is that in movie 4?)

Looks like they had a perfect setup for movie 4: Pirates of the Caribbean - Fountain of Youth. Or "Aqua of Vida" as the navigation chart said.

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