Friday, August 08, 2008

Duke Traveled the Rainbow Bridge

One of our family dogs, Duke, died this morning.

He hadn't eaten in two days, but didn't seem sick really. Then this morning he didn't want to get out of his kennel, and when Dad went back an hour later, Duke was dead.

Duke was an enthusiastic, loving, dumb dog. He had a long tail that constantly wagged so hard that we had to adjust the house to keep things from being knocked over. We rescued Duke from a family in Florida that abused him. During his life with us, he blossomed from a terrified dog that flinched and cowered into an outgoing, friendly dog that loved everyone he met. Duke could be real dumb...he was constantly 'starving' and would eat entire packages of power bars, including the wrappers. He loved to put his paws on the counter in order to snag a loaf of bread. On the other hand, Duke was very very smart. Dad trained Duke to sit still and balance a treat on his nose until released to eat it...then he would toss it in the air and eat it out of the air. Very smart dog!

Duke loved Dad the mostest. After dinner every day, Duke climbed his 50 pounds into Dad's lap for cuddle time. Duke would lay his head on Dad's shoulder and look at him with love. Duke would kiss Dad's nose, and vocalize his affections.

We'll miss you, Duke. Please, dear readers, pray for Dad, as he will have the hardest time with this adjustment.


Gwynne said...

Your story of Duke in Dad's lap is just precious. I will pray for Dad especially. What a sad, sad time for him.

Janie said...

Oh, Lynellen...maybe Zoie and Duke are hanging out together!!

I'll be praying for your Dad.