Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OH MY GOSH!!!! New Mary Kay Virtual Makeover ROCKS!

See Luis Casco with the new summer looks on the Style Network.

I am so incredibly excited abou the New Mary Kay Virtual Makeover. The company who wrote this software did an AMAZING job. Truly the best virtual makeover out there on the internet. You can either work with a model with your skin tone and hair color, or upload your own photo. Here I uploaded a picture of me from 10th grade and applied makeup artist look 3 to it. Wow!
Here's me before. No makeup at all. None.

Here's the virtual makeover me, look 3.

And if you don't like the seven pre-made looks, you can change each and every piece of it, or start completely from scratch. Wow oh wow! Another reason I'm soooooo psyched about this is that I was counting on it as part of my PhD research. I'll be taking photos of women with no makeup, adding makeup using this virtual makeover and showing that face recognition software has trouble identifying people when they change their makeup. The virtual makeover also has so wacky fun to can put different hair on too, including crazy highlights and lowlights like purple, blue and pink. Too fun! Go have some fun, email the makeover to yourself, save the image to your harddrive, upload it to your blog and show us a picture of YOUR virtual makeover!


fantaaztic said...

I found your post searching for virtual makeover. Mary kay is pretty cool, but I like ( ) . Checkout some videos I made ... they are pretty cool!

Janie said...

That's cool. I'll have to try it.