Monday, June 30, 2008

Western Kansas is off the list

Today I was thinking that maybe western Kansas would be an interesting place to move to. Alas, no. There are no cities there. The biggest town is "Garden City". If you go to to see what jobs there are in Kansas, they are mostly in Wichita. Or they are strange jobs like "Beef Fabrication Supervisor" (I did not want to know that beef can be fabricated) or "Refinery Operator Trainees" (El Dorado, KS) where the degrees they are looking for include "AS degree preferred in Process Plant Technology, Power Plant Technology, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Business Administration" yet the functional capacity says "Must be able to work in high noise environments, tolerate exposure to extreme weather conditions, work safely around rotating equipment, climb towers of 100 ft. or greater, climb, stoop, bend, crawl, grasp, hold objects and stand or sit for extended periods of time, lift and carry fifty pounds." Not sure why I need an Associates in CS to do all that labor ... especially the part about climbing towers of 100 feet orgreater.... especially if climbing is done in extreme weather conditions.... especially if climbing is done while carrying 50 pounds of rotating equipment.

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Gwynne said...

Heh. I could have saved you a lot of research if you'd only asked. I do not know why anyone lives in Western Kansas. Even my husband, the great American Spaghetti Western fan was heartily disappointed on our visit to Boot Hill in Dodge City.

I'm pretty sure that ruining nearly every wooden spoon I have in the blender would disqualify me from working safely around rotating equipment. ;-)