Thursday, May 22, 2008

Relatively clean car

Amy took the challenge, which lead me to some fun browsing of other people who took the challenge of going out to the car, cleaning it out and listing everything in it.

My list of what's in the car is pretty short:

Crate of books given to me by a friend who is moving...dunno what i'm supposed to do with 'em.

Christmas theme soup bowl with ladel (in a box), also given to me by above friend...guess i can drop this off at the thrift store.

Trash bag with trash in it, hanging off the back of the headrest of the front passenger seat so that it's convenient to put trash in as I'm driving.

Plastic storage box holding: dog's seat belt, kleenex box, cellphone headset, and a few papers.

Clumps of dog hair.

That's it!

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