Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Jacked up" and church

Comment poll:


1) What does the phrase "jacked up" mean to you?
2) If you heard the following sentence in a church sermon, (direct quote) "The Corinthian church was really jacked up." Followed by something to the effect of "they were really having problems."
What would your reaction be?



beth said...

Jacked up = excited (imo)

So...they were excited?

Lynellen said...

Thanks for answering, Beth. I've edited the post to give more context. Will you give me a second comment on the extended context?

Anna said...

I would stereotypically think that it was a young preacher trying to be relevant. :)

And I'm 21, but I'm not sure if the phrase has any crude connotations. I would think "jacked up" would mean "messed up."