Friday, May 09, 2008

America's Next Top Dog Model Week 6

Due to the writer's strike (yeah, right!) I haven't posted Terabyte pictures since February! So here's a new installment of what she's been up to in March and April. Mostly, it involved a lot of laying around looking cute, and sleeping. Ah, the tough tough life of a supermodel!

First photo shoot today, Tera filmed an ad for the upcoming wedding season. She's wearing cute wedding wings that have a little bow with plastic wedding rings right there in the middle.

Next, Tera shows off the luxurious life as she is chauffuered around by me (notice that she has "no legs" and must be carried from here to there so her paws don't touch any wet ground!
Then she relaxes on the chaise lounger while the personal chef (me again) prepares her supper.
Now she's resting in bed while the personal chef prepares her breakfast.

Next photo shoot was for illustrating that poem about a cat who visits the Queen and finds a mouse under her throne. Here Tera practices being "under". First, she's under the end table.

Then she's under the chair.
Now she's trying to look more cat-like, and poses beside a cat statue so that we can see how well she's doing.

Utterly exhausted from her exertions, Tera deigns to take on one last job shooting an advertisement for pillows. After all, why sleep on the couch when you can sleep on the couch WITH A PILLOW?

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