Friday, April 11, 2008

TV shows starring... me!

Yeah, today's not Thursday, and the following isn't even this week's meme. But I wanted to post it anyway. :) As seen at Dane Bramage.

Thirteen Things about Lynellen

13 TV Shows I would Like to Be a Character On.

1. Stargate SG-1. (Who's surprised?)

2. NCIS. (Ditto)

3. JAG.

4. Stargate Atlantis.

5. Transformers. (The old '80s stuff)

6. Remington Steele.

7. Magnum P.I.

8. CSI Miami

9. Star Trek T.O.S.

10. Dark Angel

11. Airwolf

12. Joan of Arcadia

13. Highlander

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