Friday, April 11, 2008

Recently Seen

This is the mixing bowl. The signage telling people what lanes to be in STILL is not good enough. Here we see a classic example of either 1) not enough time to change lanes or 2) failure to plan ahead. The little white truck with trailer is completely perpendicular to traffic, squeezing himself into the Baltimore ramp at the very last possible second.
This picture was taken in 2008. It resembles those old news photos from the 70's energy crisis. I have never seen lines this long here before. But then again, I dont typically fill my tank on Saturdays.
A classic example of a brand name that does not travel well from Spanish to English. Yes, your desserts are brought to you by blond Bimbos.
This is an example of a ferrett fanatic. I'll be sending this to my sister's inlaws since they have two ferretts they're gaga over.
A cool fire truck, labeled Franconia Tower 5.

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