Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm not crying...that's allergies

I don't get this elementary school that is under construction near my sister's house. I see that that area desperately needs the school. My concerns are the lot and the architecture. First, what you see here in the picture is the entire lot...there's no playground. At all. Does this mean there's no recess or P.E.? Second, the windows are tiny...these are very dark classrooms. I guess this cuts down on daydreaming and heat from the sun, but...its dark!
I love this house in my sister's neighborhood. Every time this family's Marine is deployed, they decorate the house and fence posts with yellow ribbons until he comes home. We need more displays like this. Semper Fi.
Us and the Sleepy's went to dinner at an el-cheapo Mexican restaurant that we like. Apparently the local fire crew likes it too, because they parked their engine across the whole front of the tiny building.

And finally, to tie into the blog post title, Spring is here. My eyes are watering already and only a few of the trees have gotten started...not a good sign.

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